Sr. Chariot Story

One upon a time there was a group of Roman Catholic nuns who attended Bowling Green State University during summers to work on their masters degrees in education.  Our favorite nun was Sister Chariot.

Her name was really Sister Charity, but our five year old son easily transformed her name to Sister Chariot.  It stuck.

At that time in the late 1970s my wife, son and I lived in a house which was one block off of the BGSU campus, and on a main walkway to campus.  We would frequently be sitting on our front porch drinking iced tea in the late afternoon, and Sister Chariot and her friends would walk past our house on the way back to their apartment.

At that time I was attending a Bible Study on the topic of healing.  We were using a book written by Fr. Francis McNutt entitled "The Power to Heal".

One day we saw Sister Chariot and her friends walking back to their apartment, and we invited them to join us for some iced tea.  They gladly accepted our invitation on a hot summer day.  As we chatted I felt God nudge me to give a copy of The Power to Heal book to Sister Chariot.  But she seemed hesitant to accept that give.  When I asked her why she was hesitating she told me that her mother had participated in an interdenominational women's Christian fellowship group which was decidedly anti-Catholic.

I happily informed her that God does not want us to be "Pentecostal' or "Charismatic" or any other style of religious Christian.  But He does want each of us to become vessels through which He can reach out, touch and heal whomever He wants to touch and heal.  I asked her how many of the students whom she taught had issues which could not be resolved through teaching.

She replied, "All of them!"  So I told her that the Holy Spirit wants us all to give Him permission to work in us and through us to do His work of glorifying our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus.  That being said she gladly accepted The Power to Heal book.

We did not see Sister Chariot again that summer, but early the next summer who did I see shopping at KMart but Sister Chariot!
She and another nun were just leaving that store to begin the long walk back to their apartment, so I offered them a ride - which they gladly accepted.

As Sister Chariot and her friend got into my car I overheard Sister Chariot tell her friend, "This is the guy who told me about the Holy Spirit!"  I was hoping to get some details from her concerning what the Holy Spirit had done in her and through her since I saw her the previous year, but sadly that did not occur.  But I am still waiting for the day when I hear her good report of God's workings in and though her life!

Maybe you're next, dear reader!!