Rights and Responsibilities

I hear a lot of talk about 'rights' these days, but very few speakers seem to connect 'rights' with 'responsibilities'.  The two are completely intertwined in my opinion.  This is due to an overriding spiritual law in creation which is this:  We reap what we sow.  Otherwise stated it is 'what goes around comes around'.  Others talk of  'karma'.  I call it the Law of Reciprocity.

This Law of Reciprocity is not like the laws of physics or chemistry.  This, I believe, is because this law is enforced in the spiritual realm, and the timing of its imposition depends on other circumstances and other beings.

This law is more fundamental than social laws.  For example, a person may pay a fine or other penalty for breaking social laws, and then go free from social law enforcement, but those who breaks the law of reciprocity is only free when the lawgiver (or Lawgiver) sets the person free.