Reflections on 'The Harbinger'

I just read a book called "The Harbinger", by Jonathan Cahn.  If you, dear reader, have read this book then perhaps you will understand when I say that it was captivating, challenging and encouraging.  If you have not read this book I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible.  The time may be short - either for you or for America or for human society as we know it.

When I finished reading the book I realized that it left, in my opinion, several fundamental issues unexplained or unresolved.

FIRST, the book gave me the impression that God's plan for America is that the people of America 'turn back to Him and His ways'.  This would suggest that at a previous time in America people were in optimal relationship with God.  I would suggest that God's plan for America is MUCH MORE than that - that the people of America and all people would not just read the Bible and do what they understand it to say, but that all of us would get ourselves crucified with Christ so that we might no longer live for ourselves, but Jesus Christ could live in us to do the will of God and to please Him in every respect.  I do not believe that God wants America to return to its pre-1960 or even current condition of religious Christian mediocrity.  Every Christian knows that Jesus died to save them from their sins. But few seem to know that He died and rose again that we might no longer live for ourselves, but for God!  The crucified life is a wonderful life of joy and peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit!!!

I know from the end of the Bible that God wants a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.  In other words, He wants all of creation to be 'born again', not just the people.  And we need to be born again, and not just 'improved' in order to eliminate the pride and selfishness and self-centeredness which afflicts humanity.  In short, we need to be transformed into the perfect likeness of God by the indwelling presence of His Son Jesus Christ by abiding in Jesus through His death and resurrection, and by thus becoming united with God in His goodness and purity and love.

SECOND, the current condition of humanity is to live by our own codes of conduct which range from  almost total ungodliness to the best of Christian revival.  But we have yet to see what God can do with people who truly take up their crosses daily in order to become free from the sinfulness which causes sin so that we can live for God instead of for ourselves.  Even those who have benefited from the outpouring of God's Spirit for the past twenty years seem to lack a focus on knowing God as He really is and doing His will as He leads by His Spirit.  We have instead tried to live 'by what the Bible says', and as a result have become more imitation Christians outwardly than real Christians inwardly.  We have leaned on our own understanding instead of trusting God with all of our hearts. We need to be reminded that Abraham, the friend of God, walked and talked with God in spite of having no Bible at all!!  Our current mediocrity is due to the fact that the 'pride of our hearts has deceived us' (reference Obadiah 3).  The remedy for the deception of our hearts is to honestly ask Jesus to save us from the pride of our hearts and to circumcise our hearts from all pride and presumtion.  Believe me, it works and is a constant endeavor - taking up one's cross daily.

THIRD, I noticed that The Harbinger did not attribute the waywardness of humanity from God to the spiritual influence of the adversary.  I believe that we desperately need to not only recognize that the pride of our hearts has deceived us, but we also need to be aware of the influence of our adversary, the devil and his troops.  God has provided us with the circumcision of the heart by His Spirit as well as the weapons of our warfare to be used in overcoming our carnal tendencies and the adversary, but modern Christianity seems to rely solely on the 'cleansing of the mind by the water of the Bible' to turn sinners into saints.

I found no mention in The Harbinger of the four 'Blood Moons' in 2014 and 2015, and I find it intriguing that these Blood Moons fall on the Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in these two years, as well as a solar eclipse on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets.  These events, taken together with the message of The Harbinger, certainly should cause everyone who has even the slightest openness of mind to consider the possibility that the God of Peace may really be calling all people to come to Him in reconciliation by the grace which He purchased with the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago.

Finally, I found in The Harbinger no recognition of God's overall plan of getting people to reconcile with Him rather than continuing in our self-governed rebellious ways.  I strongly believe that the Parable of The Prodigal Son is a revelation of the way God deals with all of creation.  He creates everything in perfect working order, then allows us to go astray from Him after our own ways for as long as it takes for us to realize that it is better to be Father's slave than my own freeman.  Then, for those who come to Him in brokenness of heart and true contrition, He receives us back to Him in glorious graciousness, not counting our sins against us because they were paid for on the cross by Jesus. But those who maintain their self-righteousness, even though they may dwell in the house of God, will not attain the loving relationship with God which He desires us to have.  So sad!

So please, dear reader, read The Harbinger and prayerfully consider its message.  And be sure to let me know if my comments have been helpful or not.  Feedback is important to all of us if we are really wanting the truth!


I just posted this to a website I found today (3/12/15):

Hi! I recently read The Harbinger, and then wanted to see what other’s perspectives were on this book. So I did an internet search and came across your website. I appreciate your insights, and thank you for posting them publicly. The verse of Scripture which comes to mind as I write this is Proverbs 3:5 – “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” In order for this to become true in my life I have been praying that Jesus would help me to stop leaning too much on my understand so that I can trust Him with my whole heart. As a result He has made major changes in my life for the good. I find that there is a lot more beyond our comprehension than I ever realized there is! Grace and truth be yours in Christ!


Upon reading The Harbinger for the second time I came to the section on page 222 (at least of the Kindle edition) where the topic of intercession to God for His mercy on the sinful nation which is rejecting Him.  I observe that the author makes a typical carnal Christian mistake in evaluating the 2 Chronicles 7:14 verse which he cites as the key to successful intercession:  "If My people..."  And to the question, "Who are 'My people'?", the 'prophet' gives the answer, "'My people' would refer to the nation as a whole...and more specifically, those within the nation who could genuinely be called the people of God, those who followed His ways."

Wait a minute
The real question is this:  Who are 'My people who are called by My name'?  In Israel it would not be those who identify themselves by their tribe, but by the name of God.  And in America, it would not be those who identify themselves by their denominational or doctrinal 'tribes', but by the Name of God.  In essence, it is the 'elite' of God's people whom He calls to humble themselves and to turn from their wicked ways!!


One of the benefits which I have experienced of claiming the crucified life in Christ for myself is that I have begun to perceive things from God's point of view father than from my point of view or other people's point of view.  As a result, for example, this morning when I woke up I had a Beatles song on my mind which, when perceived from God's point of view, seems to sum up God's current call of America to Himself.  The song is entitle 'And Your Bird Can Sing'.

According to, the words to this song are as follows (see if you can perceive this song from God's perspective):

You tell me that you've got everything you want,
And your bird can sing,
But you don't get Me, you don't get Me.

You say you've seen seven wonders and your bird is green,
But you can't see Me, you can't see Me.

When your prized possessions start to wear you down,
Look in my direction, I'll be round, I'll be round.

When your bird is broken will it bring you down?
You may be awoken, I'll be round, I'll be round.

You tell me that you've heard every sound there is,
And your bird can swing,
But you can't hear Me, you can't hear Me.

CAUTION:  Don't wait too long to repent and to turn to God from your vain life.  No one knows when their life will end and final judgment will begin.  After all, 'It is appointed for men to die once, and then the judgment'.