I have been carrying around a prophetic message for a number of years in my heart, and I have never felt the release to proclaim it in a congregational setting.  I have shared this message with a number of people, and all but one received it prayerfully.  That one person was a pastor who told me not to proclaim this message any more in 'his church'.  I have not proclaimed this message in 'his church' any more, but when I am asked why I do not use the prophetic gift I exercised in the past, I have informed people that the pastor had forbidden me to proclaim this message.  It seems to raise people's eyebrows.

But now I feel a release to proclaim this message.

"What is the message?" you may ask.  Here it is:

Part 1:
"I hear your songs, but I know your hearts;
I hear your words, but I know your works.
I know how you spend your time,
and I know how you spend your money.
I see what you do when you think that no one is watching,
and behold, we are all watching you!

Is there no need for repentance?
Is there no need to confess your sins?
Is there no need to crucify your fleshly desires?
Is there no need to turn from your ways to Me and My ways?
Try Me and see what I might do when you repent completely."

Part 2:
"I have take the wind out of your sails
because I see the bodies in your wake -
those who have disagreed with you
and have been cast overboard and forgotten.
But I have not forgotten them, and they now
form a great sea-anchor, further slowing you down.
You are becalmed.

Now, if you want My wind in your sails afresh,
go, humble yourself, be reconciled with your brothers and sisters,
and come to Me to see what I can do with a broken, contrite and humble vessel!"