How to Overcome Terrorism

As I record my thoughts today (1/19/15) I do so in light of an insight I had two days ago.

BACKGROUND:  There is a trilogy of books called the "Final Quest Series" written by Rick Joyner. The first book in the series was  "The Final Quest", first published in 1996.  I was given a copy by a friend, and it has been a major influence in my life, although there are some significant shortfalls in the revelation of God's kingdom in that book.  I believe that this is due to the fact that no one is given the whole picture by God, so we have to rely on Him to help us to discern what is from Him and what is from our own understanding, and to connect the true pieces in a manner which helps us to accomplish God's will in our own lives and to help others to do so as well.

The major revelation to me in this book was the crucial importance of humility, and the need for us to seek God's help in knowing the truth about ourselves in order to attain real humility.

The second book in the Final Quest Series was The Call, published in 1999.  It continued the visions and analysis of those visions which were given to Rick Joyner.

The main revelation to me in this book was the fact that spiritually minded/hearted people can experience resistance not only from God's enemies, but also from those who consider themselves to be God's friends!

The third book in that series is The Torch and The Sword, published in 2003.

There were two main topics of revelation to me in this book.  The first was the leadership issues which are common to 'the church'.  The second was the war being waged against the valley and those living in the valley by the evil army.


The insight I received last Saturday (1/17/15) had to do with the third book in this series, The Torch and The Sword.

The world is experiencing an upheaval due to Radical Islamic Terrorism which appears to me to be unparalleled in recent history.  There has been an upsurge of terrorist activities in the Middle East as well as in Europe and other places.  It dawned upon me that the evil army in The Torch and The Sword was a representation of these terrorists.  Their stated ultimate goal is to rule the world, and their immediate goals appear to kill and to steal and to destroy whatever they want to kill and steal and destroy while subjugating people whom they consider to be 'infidels' to death and slavery.  One focus of these terrorists' rage is the land of Israel and the Jewish people.  They are simply jealous that the One True God chose the children of Israel to be His messengers to the nations to declare and to exhibit His righteousness and goodness to mankind.  Their jealousy appears to me to be a supernatural jealousy.  hmmm

In this book Rick Joyner and a little girl (aged 12 or so) are in a beautiful valley by God's stream of living water, and the evil army is advancing in their direction, threatening to annihilate them. 

(If you want to read the book and find out what happens for yourself, dear reader, please stop here and get the books!  Otherwise read on if you want my insights including a disclosure of what happens in the end of The Torch and The Sword.)

The solution in the book to the evil army's advance is to give the enemy soldiers a drink from the stream of Living Water!  The result is that any enemy soldiers who taste the Living Waters is disarmed and turned into a devoted seeker of the Living Waters!

I believe that this represents the fact that the world does not seem to have an answer to the anger and frustration of the people who have turned to Radical Islam to attain their personal goals.  This is due to the fact that God's people have failed to walk in the love of God, and instead have trusted in their own understanding and their own affections to build a kingdom 'for God'.

On January 20, 1994, God poured out His love on a little congregation of His people gathered in a room in the terminal building of the Toronto International Airport in Toronto, Canada.  The resulting 'Toronto Revival' has transformed the lives of many people, and has spread worldwide, but 'the church' has almost uniformly rejected the outpouring of God's love!  I have witnessed church leaders sit in revival meetings in which people were being touched significantly by the Holy Spirit in transformational ways, but these church leaders sat with their arms folded, rejecting this 'foolishness' for themselves and 'their congregations'.

Why?  I submit that this is a manifestation of pride of heart in those who reject God's love and God's ways. I also submit that we are all guilty of rejecting God in one way of another, either overtly or covertly.

And what is the remedy for such an affliction?  I believe that it can be found in a little passage in a little book of the Jewish Bible (called the Old Testament by Christians).

I was told about this passage by a church lady who had been a part of a pastoral search committee which had hired a pastor who had not worked out well in their congregation.  She had asked God why their choice had not worked out, and He referred her to Obadiah 3:

Oba 1:3  The pride of your heart has deceived you, dwelling in the clefts of the rock; his dwelling is lofty, saying in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?
Oba 1:4  Though you rise high as the eagle, and though you set your nest between the stars, I will bring you down from there, declares Jehovah.

This interesting passage is addressed, in translations of the original text, to someone named 'Edom'.  But I suspect that it is included in the Holy Scriptures by the Holy Spirit because it applies to mankind - 'Adam' if you will, rather than Edom.

At any rate, my observation over the years is that pride has been the source of all of the evil which has happened throughout the ages.  Pride drove Adolph Hitler and his Nazis to try to rule the world because they were convinced that the 'Aryan Race' was superior to all other humans.  They thought that they were the 'chosen people of God' just as the Radical Islamic Terrorists believe that they are the chosen people of God.  And pride drove the communists to kill, steal and destroy millions of people whom they considered to be inferior to themselves.  And pride has driven every nation which wanted to dominate others.

But pride also rules in our hearts, and we seldom realize it.  Pride causes one person to be jealous of someone else who gets what the proud person believes should belong to him or her.  We should be happy for blessings to come to others, but our pride prevents us from such a happy and harmonious attitude!

So, who can save us from such destructive attitudes of heart?  Thanks be to God, Who has  given His Son, Jesus, not only to pay for our sins, but to die and be born again to generate the grace which we all need to die to selfishness and to live for God rather than for ourselves!!!

I have observed that every true Christian knows that Jesus died to save them from their sins, but hardy anyone knows that Jesus died and rose again that we might no longer live for ourselves, but for God!  (2 Corinthians 5:15) As a result, we have enjoyed the first grace of forgiveness of the sins which we recognize in ourselves, but we have failed to benefit from the grace of God which alone is able to perfectly form the nature of God in our lives!!! 

By the way, I do not claim to have this revelation because of some special ability I have.  I know from the Bible that God chooses the nobodies of the world to shame those who think that they are somebody.  So I conclude that when He began to show me the truth about myself in 1976, it was to establish me as a 'nobody' whom He could use to minister to others.  [Grin]  And as I look back over my life, I can see that all of my trials and tribulations have resulted in me seeing something in myself (which I could not see by myself) which God wanted to get rid of so that He could improve my life with a fuller impartation of His Spirit in me.  And I have been amazed at how stubbornly I have adhered to myself while God patiently and as gently as possible continues His gracious work in my life.  To Him be all glory, honor and praise now and evermore, through our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

I have come to suspect that I am not the only one with whom God is working so patiently and gently.  If you, dear reader, can identify with me in this perspective, please recognize that it is because God loves His creation and His creatures, and wants the best for all, and for all to die to selfishness and to live in His goodness and generosity by abiding in Jesus as a branch of a vine has live only if it is connected to the vine.

There is an interesting passage where God cuts branches off of a wild vine, and grafts them into His cultivated vine.  I believe that is God's plan for each of us creatures, but we tend to hang onto the wild vine even as we are being grafted into the cultivated vine!  The result is that we maintain a degree of wildness while the new live of God begins to work in us.  This, I believe, is the cause of there being a mixture of goodness and evil in all of our lives.  Yes, we are created by God for good, but all we as sheep have gone astray from Him after our own ways, and are guilty of treason against God and His Kingdom.  Fortunately God does not just destroy us and create a new batch of creatures, but He patiently lets us go astray from Him until the light dawns in our hearts that life in the confines of Father's house is better than living away from Father and suffering the consequences of relying on ourselves and others!

How long does it take for the light to dawn?  You tell me, dear reader, if you have come to a dawning of understanding of the truth about yourself, or if you are still in the darkness of denial of the truth and the delusion that you are right in spite of the evidence to the contrary!!  It didn't take me long to realize that He could not do any worse in managing my life than I was doing!  [grin]  After that realization the decision to surrender to Jesus as Savior and Lord was easy!!  That was the best decision I ever made, and thank God for the new life I have in Christ!!!!  [biggest grin]