God has a way of choosing nobodies to accomplish His plans and purposes.  The Bible accounts of Abraham, Moses, King David, Gideon, John the Baptist, the disciples of Jesus, Ananias of Damascus, Aquila and Priscilla, and many others show this pattern.

1 Cor 1:27-29  But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and God has chosen the base things of the world, and things which are despised, and things which are not, in order to bring to nothing things that are; so that no flesh should glory in His presence.

But we also see in these accounts that God's chosen nobodies often displayed significant defects of character.  The trouble is this:  nobodies become 'somebodies' when God gets a hold of them.  We easily lose consciousness of these two basic facts:

1.  Without God we can do nothing of eternal significance, and
2.  With God all things are possible.

Lord Jesus, please help all of mankind to receive these truths and live according to these truths forever!

On February 20, 2014, I attended the 20th anniversary of the first day of the Toronto Revival.  People were in attendance at that event from all over the world, and the anticipation of God doing great things was widespread.  But it seemed to me that there was a lot more of self-congratulation than thanksgiving to God for what He has done through those who were nobodies 20 years ago.  And I began to wonder if those who were nobodies 20 years ago would be able to receive new revelations from today's nobodies whom God is raising up to restore the next batch of lost truths and realities.  Yes, God used many nobodies throughout the world over the past 20 years to restore the knowledge of Father's love for His people.  But now He wants that restoration to become focused on doing His will rather than our own individual plans and purposes.  And He wants to help us to continue to dig through the sand and muck which prevents us from being truly rooted and grounded in Jesus as the sole foundation of our lives.  And once He gets us rooted and grounded in Jesus, He will be able to dismantle the wood and hay and stubble of our carnal lives to make room for the gold and silver and precious stones which He wants to use to build a glorious house to dwell in for eternity!

With these things in mind I continue to sing my favorite songs as intercessory prayers to do my little part that God has given me to do in His amazing Kingdom.