My Experience of Revival

As I have related on other pages, My intentional experience of knowing God occurred on May 15, 1976, when I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, to forgive my sins, and to be my Savior and Lord of my life.  Shortly after that event God challenged me with unconditional surrender to Him and His plan for my life, which I did with great reluctance.  It was the beginning of my adventures with God.

During the next 19 years I had some involvement with the so-called Roman Catholic 'Charismatic Movement', a local Congregational Church, a local Assembly of God church, home church and fellowship meetings, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, the Fellowship of Christians Athletes, and quite a variety of individual Christians.  During that time I learned a lot, made as many mistakes as most people make, and generally was a happy Christian.

Then, in May of 1995, as I was reading the Bible one day, I came across the following passage:

Psalm 45:7  You love righteousness, and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows.

This passage is quoted in Hebrews 1:9, and it is clear that it is God the Father speaking this to His Son Jesus.

Over the years I had heard various Christians praying for joy for themselves and others, but here I saw that there is something more fundamental to be attained which results in the experience of joy.  It is loving righteousness and hating wickedness (or iniquity in some translations).

One thing I had learned during the previous nineteen years as a Christian is that we cannot just 'act joyful', for that his hypocrisy (a hypocrite is literally 'an actor').  The same is true of loving righteousness and hating iniquity.  We can try this on our own and just be hypocrites, or we can ask Jesus to impart love of righteousness and HisHis hatred of iniquity into us, and we can then experience the real thing!!

So I asked Jesus to impart His love of righteousness and hatred for iniquity into me, and my life took an upward turn in terms of experiencing joy of life.

In July of 1995 I met an old acquaintance at a local variety store.  I had not seen this guy for about nine years, and the last time I had seen him he was very distraught, having just been divorced by his wife.

So I went up to this person and said, "Ed, is that you?"  He laughed and said, "Yes, Rob, it's me."  I was amazed at his joyfulness and asked, "What has happened to you?"

He told me that he had been attending a little church in a neighboring city, and he and many others from that church at attended the Toronto Revival.  He said that his church was having 'revival meetings' on Friday evenings, and he invited me and my wife to check it out.  So we went to that church the next Friday evening.  There were maybe a hundred or so people there.  The worship songs were lively and reverent, the teaching time was very short, and then they had a prolonged time to pray for anyone who wanted to be prayed for.

I went forward to be prayed for, and one of the members of that church's prayer team came up to me, asked my name, and began to pray for me.  Each member of the prayer team had an usher assigned to him or her to catch people if they happened to get what they called 'a meltdown in God's love'.  As this man prayed for me I began to feel very relaxed.  I remember thinking, "I can stay standing if I try hard enough, but I know that there is an usher behind me to catch me if I can no longer stand."  So I gave in to the peacefulness I was experiencing, fell backwards, was slowly let down to the carpet by the usher, and lay there on my back along with a number of other people.

Immediately I found myself no longer on the carpet at that little church, but in God's throne room! I don't know if this was real or a vision, but one way or the other I found myself lying a short distance ahead and to the left of God the Father's throne!  I didn't see God (since He is invisible), but His presence was the most real thing I had ever experienced.  There were happy angels coming and going in the throne room, apparently carrying out God's business.

Then an angel entered the throne room and told everyone, "So and So just got saved!"  There was an increase in the happiness in the throne room in general, and in particular God the Father began to chuckle at the announcement.  I knew in my heart that He was rejoicing in another child born into His kingdom, and another soul saved from the darkness and the evil ruler of the darkness.  As I lay there I caught His joyful chuckles, and have had them ever since!

I found out that night that even though I had experienced an increase of joy in my life, that there is always more with God!

Ephesians 3:20-21  Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,  to Him be glory in the church [ekklesia] and in Christ Jesus throughout all ages, forever. Amen.  Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, forever. Amen.

To be continued.... 6/4/14