Mourning to Joy

About ten hears ago I attended a conference at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.  Although the conference began on Wednesday and ended on Saturday evening, I arrived on Friday afternoon, and attended the Friday evening meeting.  It was a time of good singing, instructions and testimonies and prayer.

The next morning I attended the 10:00 a.m. meeting at that church.  The first thing that the leader did was to ask if anyone then present had a testimony of what God did during the previous night's meeting.  Way in the back of the main auditorium was a young mom, standing on a chair, waiving her arms over her head to get the leader's attention.  He saw her, asked her to quickly come to the podium and tell her story.  This is what she said:

"I was here last night with my little boy.  I really wanted to focus all of my attention on worshipping God, but I had to keep and eye on my son.  As I apologized to Jesus for being distracted from total devotion to Him, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "Don't worry - I'll watch him."  Then my son  became totally engrossed in the carpet, so I focused my attention on the Lord.  Immediately I had a vision of a beautiful grassy hill on an beautiful sunny, partly cloudy summer day.  The temperature was perfectly comfortable, and I saw multitudes of children playing on that hill, but also worshipping God as they played.  Then I realized that Jesus was standing next to my in my vision, and He asked, 'Do you know who these children are?'  I replied that I did not know them, and He said, 'These are children who have died before their time.  They are here with Me, and they do this all day long.  Go tell their parents that they are here with Me, and they do this all day long.'"

A this young mom said, 'All day long' she was being melted down to the carpet by God's love.  A wail arise from the crowd in attendance at that church, and the leader said, "If this touches your life, stand to your feet and let the people around you pray for you."

The man sitting directly in front of me stood up, and those of us around him touched him in the Name of Jesus and prayed for him.  He began to shake slowly, as if an invisible someone was shaking a salt shaker.  After a short time of being shaken, the man broke into a big smile and said, "I am free at last from the grief I have had for my son who died thirty years ago!"  I talked to that man later and he told me that he was the pastor of a church, and was greatly looking forward to see what effect this monumental change in him would have in the congregation he served.


About a year ago I was reading in the Bible in the Book of Isaiah, and came across this passage:

Isa 51:11  Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

When I read this passage I realized excitedly that I had seen this happen - the Lord turning sorrow and mourning into joy - at the Toronto Revival!  It only took the Lord a minute to accomplish all of that in that man's life!

Many people have objected to the Toronto Revival, but I hope that you do not find this report objectionable!