Joy for Sorrow

On another occasion I attended the Toronto Revival and had another amazing experience.

I arrived at a conference at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship on a Friday evening, and attended the Friday evening meeting.  It was great!

The next morning I attended the 10:00 a.m. meeting, and the pastor stood up to the lectern and asked if anyone had  a testimony of what God had done the night before.

I young woman way at the rear of the room stood up on her chair and waived her arms to get the pastor's attention.  He told her to run to the front of the meeting hall so that she could tell her story.

She said that she had been at the conference meeting the previous night with her little boy.  She said that she found herself apologizing to Jesus for being distracted from giving Him her total attention because she had to keep an eye on her son because there was no room in the children's meeting for him.  She said that Jesus spoke to her heart and said, "Don't worry about your son - I will watch him."  And her son immediately became totally engrossed in playing with some toy he had brought.

At that point she had a vision.  She described a beautiful grassy hill on a beautiful sunny day with white clouds overhead and purple mountains in the distance.  There were children of all ages playing on the hill, but they were also worshipping God as they played.  The she realized in her vision that Jesus was standing right next to her.  He asked her if she knew who these children were.  She said that she did not know them.  Jesus told her that 'They are children who have died before their appointed time.  They are here with Me and they do this all day long."  The He added, "Go, tell their parents that they are here with Me and do this all day long."  As she finished saying "all day long" she melted down to the carpet and lay there weeping.

A weeping broke out among the crowd of about 800 people at that Saturday morning conference meeting, and the pastor said, "If this touches your heart, stand up and let the people around you pray for you."  The man sitting right in front of me stood up, so those of us within reach of him touched him in the Name of Jesus and prayed.  He began to shake as if someone (or Someone) was trying to shake something out of him.  After a minute of shaking a big grin broke out on his face and he declared, "I am free at last of the sorrow I have carried in my heart for my son who died thirty years ago!"

Later that evening I saw him again and we chatted briefly about the goodness of God.  He said, "I am a pastor, and I have no idea what effect this healing of my heart will have on the congregation I serve, but I can't wait to find out!"  I told him that I would look for a good report someday, and have not again seen him to date.

That was about ten years ago.

About a year ago I was reading in the Bible a passage from the Prophet Isaiah:

Isaiah 35:10 ...and the LORD's ransomed ones will return and enter Zion with singing. Everlasting joy will rest upon their heads, gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and mourning will flee away."

I realized with a shock that I had seen  that man at the revival conference years previously 'overtake with gladness and joy', and I had seen 'sorrow and mourning flee away'!!!

That sounds like real revival to me!  Can you accept that, dear reader?