Evolution or Creation

My beliefs on this subject are from the perspective of one who appreciates all that true science has discovered and produced, while at the same time appreciating the spiritual benefits I have received from God.

I also look at this subject from the perspective of a former manufacturing quality engineer.  I have some knowledge of what it takes for mankind to produce copying machines and other intricate complicated devices.

I am also convinced that we can easily stray far from the truth - either in the spiritual realm or the scientific realm - by carrying a little knowledge to its logical extreme.

So, when I hear a religious person tell me that he or she believes that he or she is healed because there is a verse in the Bible which says, "By His stripes we are healed" in spite of whatever symptoms of illness that person may have, I conclude that the situation is more complicated that that person's beliefs.  And when I hear someone on the television say that they believe that mankind evolved from the fish in the sea because of anatomical similarities, I am as skeptical as I was with the religious person.

I found what I consider to be a wonderful expression of humility and openness to learning in a pithy saying I read in an old Reader's Digest magazine as a child.  It read, "All the things I used to know to be fact aren't necessarily so."  Yes, humans have an amazing ability to invent and discover, to dream and to deal with situations that arise, but we are also incredibly gullible in ways which we do not realize.

As a result I have found the following prayer to be very productive:  "God, please correct me wherever I am wrong."  Interesting and useful information and thoughts seem to come my way shortly after praying that prayer.

Years ago we had men's fellowship meetings at the church I used to attend.  One Saturday morning one of the assistant pastors arrived at the fellowship meeting with cuts and bruises on his forehead.  We, of course, asked him what had happened.  He told us that he and his family had taken a summer vacation as they did every year to their hometown.  On the vacation they hiked a trail which they always hiked, and that trail included a passage over a small stream which was bridged by a natural rock bridge.  He said that when he stepped on the rock bridge as he had done many times in the past without incident, the rock bridge crumbled under his weight and he fell into the stream, and some small rocks fell on him and gave him the cuts and bruises which we had first observed.  My thought was that this was a parable with the moral that the things that we think are solid are not necessarily solid all the time.

In conclusion I believe that we all need to be a lot more humble in our conclusions.  Both the religious and scientific communities need to say that they believe what they believe rather than declaring themselves to be right and anyone who disagrees as being wrong.  But then again, such humility is not very common to mankind in my observation, and only comes from being humiliated first.

And this brings me to my favorite verse from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  When Captain Jean-Luc Pickard returns to earth to recuperate from his encounter with the Borg, he and his older brother end up having a wrestling match in the mud of the brother's vineyard.  Jean-Luc asked his brother Robert if he, Robert, was always so jealous, and Robert says, "Of course I was."  And when Jean-Luc asks his brother what Jean-Luc needed as a youth, the reply is, "Humility or humiliation - either would do."

I believe that we all face either humility or humiliation if we don't humble ourselves now and seek to know the truth in every circumstance.

Now, getting to Creation vs Evolution, it seems to me that the evidence must be evaluated with an open mind.  I look at the human genome, for example, as a compilation of complex chemical compounds which cause a person to grow from a single cell into a human being.  I may be oversimplifying this matter, but I believe that the chances of the human genome being established by random interaction of random chemicals without the intervention of a very intelligent designer to be contrary to the mathematical laws of probability.  If my experience in college with random assembly of computer punch cards not working is illustrative, I doubt that random assembly of atoms and chemical compounds would be much different.  (That was easy).

And as to whether there are other intelligent beings in the universe which affect our lives, it seems to me that the teachings of Christian scripture dealing with spiritual beings as well as physical beings are a more realistic explanation of strange events of life than the explanations I hear from modern psychology or alien intervention theorists (although I commend those theorists on labeling themselves as theorists rather than scientists).

I have been intrigued by certain television programs concerning the subject of alien intervention in the events of our planet.  But they seem to all be based on evolution of other intelligent beings, and merely avoid the issue of the improbability of random interactions of chemicals resulting in intelligent beings, no matter how long a time it takes.