We all have different ideas of what is entertaining.  Some like opera, some like jazz, some prefer rock, and others seek excitement.  But I have come to have a different source of entertainment.  You may laugh and scoff, but I am easily entertained.  Here is why.

One day at Noon several years ago, I was walking from my office to my car to go home for lunch as usual.  It was a bright, sunny Spring day.  I can show you the place in the parking lot where I was when God spoke to my heart and said,

"If you learn to laugh at yourself you will never lack for entertainment."

By that time of my life I had learned that I do not need to figure out how to do what God wants me to do, I simply need to ask Jesus to help me to do what Father wants me to do.  So I asked, and immediately began to see myself as a third base coach in a baseball game.  I was making all kinds of secret signals to the players on my team, as third base coaches do, but no one was picking up my signals!  I began to see the humor of the situation, and began to laugh at myself.  Simple as that.

Since that time I have been asking Jesus to help me to communicate effectively all that He wants me to communicate, and to do effectively whatever He wants me to do.  The results have been always unexpected, often entertaining, and either greatly satisfying or greatly frustrating - depending on what the recipient or recipients of my communications or deeds does in response.  I have learned to rejoice when Jesus rejoices, and to weep when He weeps.  But when I look at myself when I am not abiding in Christ, it is often amusing and entertaining.